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Hi, I'm
Haron Tay,

Welcome to my official website!  

I created this to demonstrate my capabilities and showcase my past works. I hope this can help you find out if I am the right fit for your next project.


dj/VJ bookings

Available but limited to the following until further notice:

Livestreams, pre-recorded performances (Video/Audio)

Please submit your inquiries for pricing and more information.

my musical adventures

May contain explicit content and a lot of nonsense, do not proceed if you’re under the age of 18.
You may NOT duplicate any part of the content listed here. Please contact me if you require assistance.

dj mixes


past performances

motion graphics




He/Him. Happily engaged. That guy with crazy, unbelievably true stories at dinner parties. Hardcore sleeper. 2-time school dropout. Loves drawing but can never hold a pencil right. Ranked competitive daydreamer. Aspiring counselor and off-grid home owner.

Loves his S.O., hummus and guacamole, stand-up comedy, travelling around the world, animals (especially hugging dogs), tattoo art (neo-traditional), dank memes, conversations over great coffee (or tea, or anything really), helping people, shopping on iHerb, and collecting discount coupons.

HaronTe is best known as the one-man powerhouse, crowning him as one of the most sought after talents today.

At the age of 23, Haron has been invited to work hand-in-hand with leading agencies, companies and service providers such as Ministry of DJs, WAN Singapore, Yin Bar & Yang Club (of The Riverhouse) Singapore, 360 Lounge, A2 Management, The DJ Collective and many others over the years. He has worked his way to become a trusted choice by agencies, networks, production teams and others to provide integral support assistance in the background for world-class performing artists such as Afrojack, Marnik, Quintino, Wolfpack, Rave Republic, Flash Finger, Skytek, R-Wan, Lucky Lou, TRIPL, as well as notable regional acts in Asia such as MOXIDE, Eva T., Bangkok Invaders, Dona Amelia, Farah Farz, Inquisitive, Jade Rasif, Y3llO, PAST12, DJ Dash, Nuckin’ Futs & MC Sonorus, and many more.

He is also (known as HaronTe) an Open Format DJ, VJ, audio and video engineer, DJ and music production instructor, voiceover artist, music composer, music and video producer, with a Guinness World Record title in 9th August 2014, as well as coming in as 1st runner up at Sentosa DJ Spin Off 2016. The Singapore-based content producer’s original works (as HaronTe) focusing on Mashups, Speed House, Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle, Psy-Trance, Techno, Future Bass, Pop and other genres are released on Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, Shazam, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, as well as world’s largest DJ record pool, DJ City. He also launched and produced content for “The Interview”, a web podcast series since late 2016 exclusively on Mixcloud, aimed at exploring a wide variety of genres. Several episodes of which were ranked among the top 3 spots throughout the online show, and 1st Place in Hardcore (Week 30, 2019) of Mixcloud’s Top 100 Charts.

Haron actively provides support in various roles to hotel chains, hospitality groups, medical organisations and other establishments across Asia. A firm believer of collaboration over competition, his capabilities allowed him to provide insight and guidance to a slew of companies, start-ups, artists, actors, DJs, producers, content creators and many other talents in different fields. Some of which includes IGE Media, Xustard, Ineffable Studio, Sankofa Retreat, FoundFilms, Kidd Royale, Iwasaka Miyuki, Shawnrick Hu, and many more. His diverse knowledge in various industries coupled with his specializations in a number of fields allowed him to assess situations from many angles, coming up with creative solutions to a vast array of problems brought to his attention.

Haron’s hobbies include building customized IT solutions for individuals and businesses, exploring renewable energy options and developing self-sustainable living concepts, studying 2D/3D animation and cinematography, digital painting, hugging big dogs, staring at the wall, eating sweet potatoes, and collecting promotion codes.


Guinness World Record
World's Longest DJ Relay
August 2014

Sentosa DJ Spin Off
2nd Place
April 2016

Mixcloud Global Top 100
Mashup Chart - #3
November 2016

Mixcloud Global Top 100
Dubstep Chart - #2
March 2017

Mixcloud Global Top 100
Hardcore Chart - #1
July 2019


“Skills I have acquired over a very long career.”


Covering music from the 70s to latest radio and future club hits. Reimagining visual content on-the-fly. Bringing multi-sensory entertainment to places from bars and clubs, to outdoor and private events.


Composing melodies for artists, ads, guide videos, various productions and more. Occasionally dabbles in personal projects, experimenting with fusing genres to create hybrid soundscapes. It's like putting chocolate ice cream in a glass of Bailey's - it's a little weird for some but it works.


Creating lesson content for trainers, conducting DJ and music production workshops for public and private schools, SkillsFuture classes supported by government grants, company team-building activities, 1-to-1 personalized tutoring and more.


From mastering your next album and installing audio systems tailored for private and commercial needs, to setting up immersive visual solutions for productions and beyond.


Covering programming, design and repair works for customized LED display systems, signage and other display types used in festivals, clubs, shopping malls, agencies, and many others.


Creating everlasting visual elements and eye-candy for individuals and brands. From static graphics such as posters and brand logos to animated intro/outro, and much more. Sometimes I draw smiley faces on potatoes and animate them.


My voice can be heard on guide videos, ads, PA systems and other places from time to time. Sometimes I get paid to read cursed content from Reddit, scripts, books, and really messed up birthday messages.


Providing a variety of customized solutions to a vast array of clients ranging from studios to offices and more. In my free time, I take broken computers and repair them before donating it to the needy.


Translating clients' ideas into action plans, incorporating ideas and setting new standards for startups and businesses, helping people find their very own success together, every step of the way.


Creating easy-to-use pages and platforms for individuals and businesses. This site is also built by yours truly with about 8 cups of coffee, a chicken burrito, and about five consecutive power naps. And some biscuits I found under my desk.


Producing content ranging from dank memes to short films, guide videos to advertisements and more. Occasionally takes on rescue missions for clients to create usable results from botched footage.


Familiar with Western, Japanese and 'Tze Char', serving restaurants, catering, and private clients for fine dining events. At home, I specialize in The Asian's Dollar Diet Special - crafted from a variant of the classic Linguini tossed in a special blend of light spices and sauces, dashed with sautéed garlic flakes and onions, topped with a poached egg, emboldening the gastronomical compilation with its runny yolk. This is also known as instant noodles.


Curating words for brands, businesses and individuals, creating unique reading experiences for viewers.


Genuinely thankful for the opportunities,
I would be nothing without your support.

and many more!

Stay tuned for more updates!


A few words from others I worked with

Haron is a renegade of sorts and effective problem solver. Be it in technical solutions or within the social paradigm, he someone who will go out of his way to lend a helping hand. He rose from an inquisitive young boy into a successfull music producer/DJ within a few years through dedication and perseverance. As a result, he is very well respected by the local DJ community, young and old, nuskool or ol'skool..... they call him 'friend'.
Razaq Zakaria

Razaq Zakaria

Audio Visual Manager, The South Beach
A multipotentialite, Haron excels in bringing disparate ideas together with class and originality. His fervour and dedication to his craft allows him to shine when faced with adversity. Having been able to watch him in his element, Haron has earned the trust and respect of his peers by consistently delivering results. He is definitely a talented and hardworking individual who has earned his title, “One-Man Powerhouse”.
Casey Jeow

Casey Jeow

Head of Marketing, IGE Media
Fantastic partner to work with. Haron is someone that is self motivated and results driven. Anyone working with Haron will realize that he is capable of pointing out flaws in concepts and designs that others might overlook; he has a keen eye for detail and provides constructive criticism to his peers and superiors. Any opportunity that arises for Haron and I to collaborate again is something that I very much look forward to.
Joseph Shaw

Joseph Shaw

Operations, FXChange
Haron is one of the best problem solvers I've ever known. His expertise in a number of industries serves him extremely well along with his drive to excel in any project he's involved with. An absolute asset to all.
Shawnrick Hu

Shawnrick Hu

Actor, Emcee and Wrestler

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